world clean up day


Wollongong joins 10th annual World
Clean Up Day

On Saturday September 15th, Wollongong will be joining the largest positive civic action in human history, as a part of World Clean Up Day. These five organisations will be co-hosting a mass public clean up at North Beach Wollongong. 

Members from the general public and local businesses are invited to gather at North Gong Beach to participate in the global movement, cleaning up parks, beaches and the surrounding waters to support local NGO groups and the City of Wollongong.

Millions of people from over 150 countries will participate in the largest positive civic action in human history, by cleaning up waste and tackling our global trash problem. This clean up aims to raise global awareness about the impact of waste and litter and to support lasting changes to end the global waste epidemic, once and for all. The ‘Let’s Do It!’ movement behind World Clean Up Day, began in Estonia in 2008 when over 50,000 people took part in cleaning up the country in just five hours.

Since then the movement of ‘One country, one day’ has spread across the globe.

In Wollongong, JCI Illawarra, alongside local environmental NGOs, Plastic Free Wollongong, Surfrider Foundation, Intrepid Landcare and Green Connect will lead a mass public clean up from Fairy Meadow to Wollongong City Beach.

With the efforts of JCI Illawarra, this project is also bringing these four local environmental NGOs and the Illawarra business community together, to create supportive and ongoing connections, to ensure a lasting impact on waste across the region.

Kevin McDonald, JCI Illawarra Director has said; Our JCI Illawarra ‘Let’s Do It! Project’ has been developed to bring together our local business community with those organisations already championing sustainability and waste issues in our region, aiming to bridge the gap we see between the two and make the Illawarra a more sustainable place to live!”

Plastic pollution is one of the largest systemic environmental issues of our time. Plastic use is imbedded so deeply in our society and is taking a massive toll on our oceans with over eight million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year and over 100,000 mammals dying yearly as a result. But there is hope! Companies and big businesses are starting to listen and change is being made one step at a time - but we need your help and support!

Andy Gray, Plastic Free Wollongong Coordinator has said; “Plastic pollution is a global issue that requires everyone to be part of the solution. We are really excited to connect the local NGO’s addressing the issue of waste and litter in Wollongong to the broader community and look forward to using this monumental day to launch a cleaner future for the Illawarra.”

To learn more about the local NGO projects and to donate visit:

WHERE: Peloton for Plastic - Sandon Point, Bulli to North Beach, Wollongong

Clean Up - North Beach Wollongong- Meet on grass on the north side of the surf club